Labai geras reportažas apie praėjusias WPSC 2013



„Salom Tasks & Team comp

The slalom tasks take place in a “stadium” formed by 5 pylons of 12m of height; 4 of them make a square of 80x80m and one is in the center. According to the task, there might be 2 to 5 of them inflated. There were entry and exit gates at a height of between 1.35 and 1.85m with a photo-electric sensor that activated the chrono when the pilot crossed them. The scoring system invented by the French is very simple and grants 1 point to the task winner, 2 to the second, 3 to the third and so on –no matter if one is 2 seconds or 2 milliseconds faster-, with added penalty points for some cases, so the overall winner is the one with fewer points at the end of the competition. Usually, two tasks are flown in the same round so each pilot has to go in one stadium and then in the next during his/her run. If you make the wrong turn or go to the wrong pylon, you get a red flag, the last position, and as many points as the number of competitors (i.e., 66 in footlaunch class in this Worlds) plus 5 penalty points. 
There was an individual score, and a Nations ranking made with the 3 best results in PF1 and the best PL1 of each nation. The organizers also added a Teams competitionthat had separate scoring and tasks: Each team was formed by 3 pilots (and a reserve), and the tasks had to be flown consecutively by them, with the second pilot crossing the entry gate as closely as possible to the moment of exit of the first pilot, and the third one entering also at the time of exit of the second. If one pilot entered one second before a partner exited, they had 3 seconds added to their time, while if one was 1 second late the team had that second added to the total time. This new contest was interesting to watch, and the pilots seemed to enjoy it a lot. 
The aspect that was not liked so much was the ‘cut’ to only the first 8 pilots of each class for the quarters, semi and finals. That meant that about 62% of the PL1 competitors passed to quarters, while in PF1 only 12% of them went on to the final tasks, which was not proportional. Of course, this is the first World Championship of Slalom so there are still many things that can be reviewed for future FAI competitions of this modality.”